24/7 Puncture and Flat Tyre Services

Tyre puncture repairs, Stepney changes and other breakdown services.

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30 Minutes average reach time | Trained Mechanics | Available across Bangalore

You’ve got a car or bike tyre puncture, you need a doorstep puncture repair mechanic or just someone who can help you with a stepney change on the spot. You’re frantically looking for puncture shops near your location. Don’t worry! RESCUE is always nearby and available 24 hours a day.

Whether it’s a tubeless tyre puncture, tyre air fills or a stepney
 change, we are the online puncture service you are looking for. We get you moving!

Assisted 2,00,000+ commuters safely
Available across Bangalore
Professional call support
Towed 40,000+ vehicles safely
Average 30 mins reach time
Genuine spares and replacements
Helping commuters 24/7/365
Trained and background-verified mechanics
Mobile App support

We’ve been helping commuters in Bangalore since 2011, working behind-the-scenes in partnership with major automobile brands and building our own extensive and ever-expanding network in the city. Serving stranded commuters successfully, day after day has helped us become the premier Roadside Assistance provider in Bangalore.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Puncture and Flat tyre services:

Q. How quickly can you reach me?
A. We are constantly working behind-the-scenes to maintain average reach times of 30 minutes or less and deliver the quickest vehicle breakdown service in Bangalore. Factors such as unusual traffic density, rains, road blocks, VIP movements, and other unseen hindrances may affect our reach times.

Q. What if my tyre puncture/flat tyre issue isn’t resolved on the spot?
A. We fix 98% of punctures on the spot. If your flat tyre issue is not resolved, the tyre/tube has probably suffered heavy damage which cannot be fixed on the road. Depending on the situation, we will recommend towing your vehicle to a nearby tyre shop or service station of your choice.

Q. What if my spare tyre is also punctured?
A.If your spare tyre is also punctured, we will fix the punctures of one or both of the tyres according to your requirement. We can also help you tow your vehicle to the service station of your choice.

Q. Do you repair all car punctures and bike punctures?
A. Yes, we can help with any type of vehicle puncture – car, bike, tube, tubeless tyre punctures.

Q. Do you help with spare tyre/stepney change?
A. Yes, we will assist you with changing your spare tyre.

Q. If my tube is damaged beyond repair, will you help with tube replacements?
A. Yes, we will assist you with purchase of original spares and charge you at prevalent market rates.

We provide vehicle breakdown services in Bangalore to anyone who calls us for help with a single usage fee. However, we recommend subscribing to one of our prepaid Roadside Assistance Membership Plans to avail free vehicle breakdown services for an entire year.

“A Rescue membership has to be one of the best investments I’ve made on my car. I’ve saved a lot of time and money on simple fixes and repairs. Highly recommend it to every vehicle owner!” – Rajeev, Architect