Founded in 2011, RESCUE was started by Prasanna Sivan and Amith Pallipady to give Bangalore’s commuters a quick, on-the-spot alternative to searching for local garages, when they’ve broken down.
Since then we’ve grown leaps and bounds to become a standout performer in the fledgling Roadside Assistance sector in India and as well as a trusted Authorised Service Provider for all the major automobile brands.

About Rescue 24/7 Roadside Assistance Bangalore

We began with a team of 5 mechanics servicing high traffic density areas of Bangalore. In 2012, we added the first car towing vehicle to the existing fleet of RESCUE motorcycles. Then in a series of landmark developments over the next few months, we launched Bangalore’s first two-wheeler flatbed towing truck followed by the first retail Roadside Assistance plans for the city’s commuters. 

Today, we are the leading Roadside Assistance providers in Bangalore with a wide, reputed network spanning the city. We are also reputed backend service providers for major automobile brands in the city.

“For the longest time, the breakdown service in Bangalore was unorganised and relied on exploitative operators. Vehicle manufacturers provided road services but with long drawn and opaque processes. Professional roadside assistance, a household concept in the west, and practically non-existent in India. There was a genuine need for a swift and professional private roadside assistance provider and we aimed to fill that void in Bangalore with Rescue” – Prasanna, Founder and CEO, Rescue

Prasanna Sivan (R) and Amith Pallipady (L) are the founders of RESCUE and the CEO and COO respectively.
Prasanna was previously a finance and audit professional with a career spanning over 14 years.
Amith was previously an engineer for 12 years, which included a stint in the USA.
With their affable personalities, passion for automobiles and the acumen to constantly overcome business obstacles, they hope to take RESCUE to further heights and cement the brand.

We are constantly analysing our data, using research and the latest studies to incorporate new technology into our core services and aid our expansion. In this fast-evolving digital age, we are always innovating to outpace the demand for quick and top-notch emergency roadside services.” – Amith, Founder and COO, Rescue

Vivek Choudhary – Operations Data & Analytics

David Winston – Human Resources & Administration

Ashwin Kumar & Linnu A – Backend Operations