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24/7 Towing Assistance

24/7 Towing Assistance

RESCUE provides 24/7 towing assistance for two wheelers and four wheelers in Bangalore. With state of the art flatbed and winch towing trucks we ensure your vehicle is safe and damage free.

On request we also provide long distance towing of vehicles across the country.

24/7 towing assistance for four wheelers in Bangalore / Flatbed towing services in Bangalore?

RESCUE provides flatbed towing for 4-wheelers

RESCUE is a 24/7 towing assistance provider for four wheelers in Bangalore. In flatbed towing, also called the rollback or the slide, the rear of our flatbed towing truck is fitted with a ramp that is hydraulically operated and lowered to ground level, allowing your car to be raised onto the flatbed of the truck, thereby ensuring your vehicle is damage free.

Winching services in Bangalore

Winching services in Bangalore

RESCUE provides winch towing services in Bangalore. Our winch towing services in Bangalore are mainly used to pull vehicles from roadside areas that are not easily accessible. We also use Speclift towing trucks which involves lifting the front wheels of the car and attaching them securely to the truck so that it can be towed.

24/7 towing assistance for bikes in Bangalore

RESCUE is excited to introduce 24/7 towing assistance for bikes in Bangalore

RESCUE, a 24/7 towing assistance provider for bikes in Bangalore, is excited to introduce Bangalore’s 1st two wheeler flatbed, designed to load anything from a Honda Activa to Royal Enfields and Harley Davidsons. With India’s 1st Zero degree loading system, RESCUE ensures there is no damage to the bikes loaded onto the tow truck during towing assistance in Bangalore.

RESCUE conducts a background verification on all its drivers to ensure your safety.

RESCUE conducts a background verification on all its drivers to ensure your safety.

RESCUE tow truck drivers undergo a thirty-day training program prior to their appointment. During this training period, along with honing of their technical skills, we also train them on customer interaction and communication.

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